Yo Quiero Mas – Taco Bell Itaewon – Seoul, South Korea

We love Taco Bell. It’s our guilty pleasure. We try to eat healthy most of the time, but every once in a while we make an exception for some gooey, sour creamy, spicy goodness that is a crunch wrap supreme, doritos locos taco, or a cheesy gordita crunch. Throughout this trip, we’ve seen plenty of KFCs, Subways, McDonalds, Burger Kings and even Popeyes. But never a Taco Bell. We told ourselves that if we ever went to a country that had a Taco Bell, we would find that Taco Bell. We’ve finally succeeded!

We learned on Wikipedia that Taco Bell has a restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. Score! We were flying into Seoul at the beginning of June, on our way to Daegu to visit Josh and Erika, Kevin’s friends who we met up with in Saigon earlier in our trip. Before heading south to Daegu, we made a detour. One train ride and two subway lines later, we arrived.

Sadly, doritos taco shells have not yet made their way to Asia. But after five months without Taco Bell, we weren’t complaining. It tasted just like it does at home, and we enjoyed every single bite!