A La Isla Volcánica – Lago Nicaragua – Ometepe, Nicaragua

Today we arrived on Ometepe, an island formed by two volcanoes, rising from Lake Nicaragua. Its name derives from the Nahuatl words ome (two) and tepetl (mountain), meaning two mountains. The two mountains are actually volcanoes, Concepción and Maderas, the two you can see in the picture. The volcanoes joined by land to form one island in the shape of an hourglass.

We’re here for 10 days, our first 5 will be spent on the side of the island with the Concepción volcano and our final 5 days will be spent on the other side of the island, by the Maderas volcano. Our hostel here is perfect! We have a good size cabin all to ourselves with a hammock outside and a very nice breeze. Before we left on this trip, I said there would be some ups and downs and it wouldn’t be all hammocks and Coronas….and it won’t. It’ll be hammocks and Toñas, the beer of Nicaragua 🙂