Sunrise Over Marlborough – Brancott Estate Heritage Center – Blenheim, New Zealand

The Marlborough region in New Zealand is known for its wines, particularly Sauvingnon Blancs and more recently, Pinot Noirs (thank goodness there’s a red since Kevin’s not a fan of white wines). The region produces 62% of New Zealand’s wine and the main tourist attraction in the region is visiting the vineyards…twist our arm. We visited a few vineyards with incredible views and awesome wines. This picture is of the sunrise at Brancott Estate Heritage Center where we enjoyed lunch yesterday. Our waiter there was insistent that Kevin try one of the whites and to all of our surprise, he liked it! Look for it in the US, because we will be when we get home. It’s Brancott Estate Fume Blanc, a Sauvingnon Blanc that is then smoked for 72 hours to remove the acidity. It’s fantastic.