Taking In The View – Wither Hills Farm Park – Blenheim, New Zealand

Today is a big day in the world of whereschevin.com! Kevin has approved a photo that Christine took, to grace our blog. This is a big moment in history; Christine would like to thank Kevin for his photography lessons and endless critiques, her parents and Milly, Christine’s dog, for their unconditional love. Ok, now back to the photo. We spent the morning hiking Wither Hills Farm, a working farm on one of the many mountains surrounding Blenheim. The hike took us through many fields, some which had sheep grazing. We tried to be friendly, but the sheep wouldn’t let us get anywhere near them before running away.  Once we reached the top, we had the best views over Blehnheim, the wineries, Cloudy Bay, and since it was such a clear day, we could even see the southern tip of Wellington on the north island. Sitting at the top of the mountain was so peaceful; it was just us, the views and the birds. After our hike, we rewarded ourselves with some more wine tastings and fresh cherries that we picked ourselves at a local farm.