A Southernmost Sunrise – Stirling Point – Bluff, New Zealand

When we told people we were heading to Bluff for the night, they said, “Why would you want to go there?” or “It’s just cold and windy, there’s nothing there.” When planning our trip, we decided to break up a long drive with a stop over in Bluff, home to New Zealand’s best oysters…that’s really why we’re here. Peoples reactions were starting to make us nervous, along with the fact that it’s apparently not oyster season. Oysters have a season? We had no idea, what kind of foodies are we?! Arriving in Bluff, we were pleasantly surprised. The main road in can’t be any more than a mile long, and that road ends at Stirling Point, the “southernmost point” of New Zealand (it’s actually not, but don’t mention that to anyone here). There are beautiful ocean views, cliff walks, and perched high atop a hill is Oyster Cove Cafe, where as luck would have it, they had a few Bluff Oysters for us to try. We woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise and a potential whale sighting (it turns out that Kevin’s eyes were playing tricks on him). Good morning from 15,000 kilometers away!