The Purrfect View – The Cat Cafe – Singapore

When you’re in a place that has a cat cafe culture, you have to go to a cat cafe. The concept seemed a bit strange, but oddly intriguing. We love animals, and we’re both allergic to cats, so it made sense that we paid a visit to our neighborhood cat cafe…conveniently located on top of a Burger King, next to a Long John Silver’s, right across the street from a Popeyes (unfortunately there was no Taco Bell in sight). The cat cafe is exactly what it sounds like: a cafe with coffees, pastries, and cats, who, for the most part, don’t want to be bothered. We enjoyed a beverage while enjoying the company of cats, although we’re not sure that the feeling was mutual. This particular kitty just sat in the window the whole time we were there, observing the outside world. Maybe he was daydreaming about his next weekend trip out to the meowtains.