Mapping Out The Next Few Days – The Jetty – La Digue, Seychelles

We’ve lost track of how many times one of us has caught a “travel-related gastrointestinal illness”, but it happened again. India kissed us goodbye with a case of Delhi Belly. Right as we were heading into 24 hours of transit to our next stop. Thank you, India.

Discomfort aside, we survived, and we are here. Here being the Seychelles. We hadn’t heard of the Seychelles until just a few weeks ago, but it fit our criteria – it’s more west than our last stop, and it isn’t in the Middle East. In fact, it’s technically in Africa.

Our first stop here is an island called La Digue. It’s two ferry rides away from the main island of Mahé, where we flew into. We chose La Digue because it sounded like our type of place – laid back, few tourists, few cars, friendly locals, and room to explore.

Our ferry ride out was rough. So rough that the woman sitting next to Kevin was puking in a little baggy. We were very happy to get off of that boat. The first thing we saw walking onto the island was this map. There’s not a whole lot to do here…but a hike, birds, giant tortoises, and plenty of beaches (anses) sounds just fine after a week of India. The number one beach in the world is supposedly on this island. Who makes that call anyway? We’ll just have to see for ourselves!