Uno Para Mañana, Uno Sólo Para Hoy – Doña Elba Cigars – Granada, Nicaragua

How could we be in Central America and NOT find cigars? A quick look on Google Maps led us to Doña Elba Cigars, a boutique shop just a few blocks from our casa. 10am seemed a little early for a cigar, but not here. The shop in front was full of cigars, and just inside was a full production facility – and a parrot!

We asked for a tour, because why not? We were taken through the facility and shown each step of the process in making a hand-rolled cigar. Our guide then took us to a rolling station, where in no time at all she whipped up a fresh cigar right there, handed it to Kevin, and lit one end up as he took a few puffs. It wasn’t long before each of us were rolling our own, although we may have had some help!