Una Lección De La Cultura De Nicaragua – Calle La Calzada – Granada, Nicaragua

It’s hot in Granada. And as the daytime comes to an end, we’ve consistently found ourselves on Calle La Calzada for a few evening beers and dinner. And each night, we’ve found ourselves bumping into our new friend Belinda, a local girl who sells bags of cashews to support her family.

There are far too many kids on the streets of Granada trying to sell things to tourists to make money for their families. And you’re not supposed to patronize them because it reinforces what their parents are often forcing them to do. But Belinda is a total sweetheart. She seems to just want to hang out more than anything, and she doesn’t speak a word of English, so it’s been great practice for Christine. And we love cashews… and hey, nice shirt!

We always know when Belinda is around because she walks around balancing her bowl of cashews on her head. It makes her easy to spot, and it’s quite a skill! While passing the time with her today, we asked if Christine could try to balance the bowl on her head. Of course she could – but only if we bought cashews! Belinda is quite the saleswoman.

After much practice, Christine was able to balance the bowl on her head just long enough for Kevin to snap a quick picture. Belinda was entertained – she probably thinks we’re weird!