Lo Siento, Milly – Casa Silas – Granada, Nicaragua

Today was a slow day, we took the morning and relaxed, I took two hours to try to stream Homeland, only to have it disconnect in the last 5 minutes! We later slowly strolled through the city, visiting churches and stopping to get a pineapple and coconut smoothie; “dude, you have to try the smoothies bro, they’re killer” is what we were told by another backpacker, so we finally did. He was right. We dedicated the rest of the afternoon to “working,” finding some activities at our next stop, Ometepe Island. ETA: 6 days. We finished the night as we normally do, happy hour with our free plantains and then dinner, this time with two guests, the cashew girl and her cousin. We bought them pizzas and had a lovely dinner with the two of them.

This is a picture of Pepina, one of the dogs that lives at the B&B we’re currently staying at. All of the street dogs have a very similar look. They found her on the street when she was about 4 months old and brought her in; they’re still trying to tame her 🙂