Buscar En La Boca Del Infierno – Volcán Masaya – Granada, Nicaragua

After an afternoon spent chasing the shade, Kevin and I took a night time tour of the Masaya Volcano; one of Nicaragua’s active volcanoes. This was a much different experience than the Mombacho volcano we saw the other day. This one is active and is constantly emitting gases and steam. You can practically walk right up to the edge of the crater and peer over the side. Since we went at night, we were lucky enough to be able to see the lava glowing from the bottom, we also got some pretty good views of the sunset :-).

3 days left in Granada, then it’s on to our next stop! We have a busy few days filled with napping, sweating, cooking class to learn how to make traditional Nicaraguan dishes, sweating, going to a new friends house for a traditional Nicaraguan meal, pool time, eating, napping, then sweating some more.