Alpha Kilo – Cu Chi Tunnels – Saigon, Vietnam

We have arrived in Vietnam! On our first full day here we traveled out of the city to see the Củ Chi tunnels, a network of over 60 miles of underground tunnels that were used by the Viet Cong soldiers during the Vietnam War. The tunnels were used as hiding spots, supply and communication routes, hospitals, sleeping quarters and kitchens. They were instrumental in helping the Vietnamese to fend off the American Military effort, and today they’re a huge tourist attraction. We got a close up look at the tunnels, the various traps that were set in the area, and the craters left from the heavy bombing that the area took. We even got to walk through about 100 meters of tunnel – talk about claustrophobic! The tour was very pro-Vietnam, but still educational and interesting. For Kevin and I, the best part was at the end, where we could shoot a variety of guns left over from the war. In addition to guns, there were quite a few bullets left over, and this is how the Vietnamese are getting rid of them. For a low payment of $17.48, we purchased 10 bullets and set out to shoot an AK-47. This is Kevin aiming for a paper elephant, enjoying every one of his 6 bullets…he had to share the rest with me.