Making Feline Friends – Senang Villa – Gili Air, Indonesia

One unique aspect of Gili Air is its non-human residents. While there isn’t a single dog in sight, the island is home to a large population of street cats. There are also cows, chickens, lizards, and one or two bunnies…but it’s mostly street cats. They don’t seem to be feral; in fact they’re very well adjusted to humans. Perhaps they’re just being social to see if we have anything for them to eat. We haven’t gone an hour outside here without having a cat encounter. And over the last five days, we’ve become acquainted with two particular kitties.

When we first arrived to our villa, we were greeted by a mama cat and her little orange kitten, who couldn’t be more than 4-6 weeks old. We played with them for a little bit, then went on with our day. The next morning, as we sat out on our patio eating breakfast, they made another appearance. The mama looked up at us and meowed. The kitten was more direct…she jumped up on the chair to see what we were eating, then onto the table to get a closer look. We gave them some milk, toast, and rubs, and we’ve been best friends ever since. Every morning they join us for breakfast, and later in the day we usually find them hanging out on our patio. The mama cat will be attempting to relax, while the kitten will be working on its cat skills, jumping from chair to table, or hunting the mama’s tail. They provide the entertainment, we provide the treats.

We’re going to miss these friendly felines when we leave!