What Goes Up Must Come Down – Duli Beach – Palawan, Philippines

We’re at Duli Beach for three full days. Without electricity or many other amenities, we’ve been doing our best to keep ourselves entertained. Christine has been relaxing in hammocks and catching up on podcasts. Kevin has been barefoot running on the beach and teaching himself how to climb coconut trees.

If you ask a Filipino if they can climb a coconut tree, about half will say yes, and the other half will say no. They believe that if you haven’t mastered it by the time you’re 16, you’re never going to get it. Kevin is twice that age…and then some. There are plenty of coconut trees here for him to practice on. Most of them have notches carved out, which helps with the climbing. He was told by one of the local boys that the key is to hug the tree so you don’t fall off. Well, obviously you don’t want to fall off.

Each morning he’s been getting a little higher up. It’s a good thing we’re not here much longer, because we all know how this will eventually end.